Shadecraft: Netflix develops series adaptation of Lucifer’s Joe Henderson

Netflix has reportedly picked up on Image Comics’ upcoming comic book Shadecraft Created by Joe Henderson, the co-showrunner of Luciferand artist Lee Garbett, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comic book, which will be released on March 31, will be adapted as part of a TV contract with Henderson as a pilot for the streamer. Henderson will co-write the pilot with Georgia Lee (The wide, The 100).

In addition to co-show running and executive producing from Netflix LuciferHenderson’s credits also include the Stephen King adaptation 11/22/63 on Hulu, White collar, Almost human, and Graceland.

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Shadecraft The focus is on 16-year-old Zadie Lu, who, in addition to the normal high school problems, worries about bringing shadows to life around her.

You can pre-order Shadecraft # 1 Here!

The comic book is the sequel to Henderson and Garbett Skyward, which was nominated for the Eisner Award. Sony Pictures acquired the rights to Skyward in 2018 with Brad Peyton (San Andreas, Rampage) appended to directly. Skyward is set in a world where the earth has lost a fraction of its gravity. 20 years later, our society has adapted its lifestyle to the gravity situation. Among these people is Willa Fowler, who was born after “G-Day” and who uncovered a conspiracy to restore gravity to its normal state. You can pick up the first issue of Image Comics here!

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Garbett will produce that Shadecraft Adaptation for Netflix.