Moxie stumbles upon a large supporting cast with a number of skinny characters.

That depth is not generally present in the sideline, however, and so is the primary antagonistic forces as well as Vivian’s newfound friends in the Revolution. Both Marcia Gay Harden’s leading lady and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s cocky jock are overly familiar tropes and not given enough substance to add extra nuance to the movie’s core conflict. The same goes for members of the Moxie Club, as characters pose only one problem, such as: B. Problems with dress code and resource allocation in sports programs for boys and girls. And while you want more of the lively romantic interest (Nico Hiraga), Vivian’s single mom (Amy Poehler), or even the middle-aged teacher (Ike Barinholtz), there’s a lot resting on clichĂ©s and renderings in the movie a touch too typical.