Netflix and Banger Films have announced THIS IS POP, a new eight-part documentary that explores countless stories from the history of pop music. With interviews with artists such as Brandi Carlile, T-Pain, Boyz II Men, Steve Earle, Chuck D, and Shania Twain, the series will highlight significant moments in pop music that influenced culture as a whole. All eight episodes will premiere on Netflix on June 22nd. Check out the trailer below.

Each episode of THIS IS POP is directed by a different director and focuses on an era in pop music ranging from early protest music to the rise of auto-tune to the britpop boom and more. “We started with the question ‘What is pop?’ And found answers we never expected, “producer Amanda Burt said in a statement. “It’s more than the charts or what’s floating out of a car radio. It’s a perfect time capsule for how people lived, how it was made, and how they danced, loved, and cried, how it was heard. “