The script is not only overcrowded with tropics and an arduous pace, it also makes no sense at certain points.

Thunder Force is based on an original script by Ben Falcone, and while the film clearly didn’t have a huge budget to allow it to fully explore its basic supervillain idea, how scattered the story is and how is inexcusable many clichĂ©s are used (and badly). It takes forever to actually start. First the entire exhibition is overlaid and then the endless training sequence is run through. Then when it finally fishes for a conspiracy it will be wound up in a boot. Surprise, surprise, the aggressively charismatic mayor is a power-hungry asshole that the villains place his bids on and it’s just so tired it’s impossible to get involved. Worse still, the movie takes some absolutely confusing steps to keep it interesting – such as the mayor revealing his evil conspiracy to the heroes after breaking into Emily’s lab … and then for some reason Lydia and Emily decide not to anyone to tell about it.