New Pokémon Snap already had 214 of the title creatures and now there are a few more. An upcoming free update to the game will add 20 more Pokémon to the game, as well as three new areas. The update will be released on August 3rd.

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A free content update for #NewPokemonSnap is coming on August 3rd!

– Pokémon (@Pokemon) July 29, 2021

The official Pokémon Twitter account has revealed the trailer for this upcoming update. It shows the new monsters like Rockruff, Swalot and Snorlax, to name a few. The trailer also features a section where he shrinks the player to the size of a Poké Ball, allowing them a more intimate look at the Beetle Pokémon and putting the other, larger Pokémon in a different light.

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According to Serbia, the three new areas are Mightywide River, Florio Island Nature Park and Barren Wilderness, which will all have day and night variations. The three areas will have their own types of layouts as the river has rapids and the wilderness has cliffs and toxic swamps.

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This is the first major update for the game, but it’s unclear if there will be more updates like this one or paid DLCs.