New Scream movie shot multiple versions to stop spoilers

Radio Silence, the directors of the upcoming Scream Franchise part, confirms to Bloody Disgusting that they not only prepared several scenes in scripts for actors, but also shot several versions.

“Not only are there multiple versions of the Scream script, but the film too, to cover up fans who want to spoil the end product. This was confirmed to me by the filmmakers. “, said BD journalist Brad Miska, who produced the VHS Trilogy with an excerpt from Radio Silence.

No wonder the creative team is behind it Scream make sure to keep the films under lock and key as tightly as possible. The question arises, however, whether this means that multiple endings have also been rotated. The previous Wes Craven films have dealt with massive script leaks since their sequel, leading writer Kevin Williamson to abandon his original idea Scream 2 a total of. As a precaution, the multi-version script method was used in subsequent films in the series. Many films followed suit as the internet culture of leaks has only grown since then and studios need to find more solutions to keep the filmmaker’s vision going through to release. For now, all we know is that the film “follows a woman who returns to her hometown to find out who committed a variety of vicious crimes”. The film is scheduled to be released on January 14, 2022.

So it’s very clear that the filmmakers are following a very simple formula as outlined in the Gospel of Randy in the original film. “Everyone is a suspect!”

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David Arquette was the first actor from the original franchise to sign up for the fifth film in the series, along with Courteney Cox, who signed up after the main heroine Neve Campbell agreed to repeat the role of Sidney Prescott. As well as returning veterinarians, including Scream 4Marley Shelton and the new leading actors of the film Melissa Barrera (lifespan) and Jenna Ortega (The babysitter: Killer Queen). They are joined by an ensemble with Kyle Gallner (Ghosts of war), Jasmin Savoy Brown (The rest) and Mikey Madison (Better things), which the previously occupied Jack Quaid (The young), Mason Gooding (Bookmaker) and Dylan Minnette (13 reasons why).

Scream is directed by Ready or Not Filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (from Radio Silence) based on a script by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) and Guy Busick (Ready or Not). It is produced by James Vanderbilt of Project X Entertainment and Paul Neinstein and William Sherak for Spyglass. Original screenwriter Kevin Williamson is co-producing with Chad Villella, the third member of Radio Silence.

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The late Wes Craven Scream was released in 1996 and became the top grossing slasher film of all time. Craven and writer Kevin Williamson revived the slasher genre with their trilogy. The meta-style of the film, which turned an icon and some exaggerated horror tropes on its head, set new standards for the horror films that followed. The return of the early OG slasher Jugguarnaut Halloween (2018) would take back the title and continue the tradition of passing more stories about beloved terror titans to a new generation of horror fans as well as long-term fans. We can’t wait for Ghostface to come back.

Scream marks the second major horror franchise reboot Spyglass is working on. The studio is developing a remake of the Clive Barker cult horror classic Hellraiserwith David S. Goyer (Terminator: Dark Fate) appended to write the script.