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Whether you want to edit it again before posting or trim it down on your phone before saving – the new iOS version of
With Spreaker Studio, you can do it all in seconds.

We understand the importance of flexibility and control when creating audio. That’s why we’re constantly adding more Podcast editing Functions for our apps that make this possible.

Introducing our latest podcast editing tool.

Mistakes (and a lot of waffle) occur when creating podcasts, especially when recording live. We know the importance of editing your podcast so that it sounds exactly the way you want it to be. With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce you to our latest app function: a trim tool for post production.

The latest iOS version of Spreaker Studio opens up a whole new world of recording and editing on the go. You no longer have to wait until you’re near a computer to sync, edit, and then share your recording.

How to use Spreaker Studio’s new trim feature on iOS devices.

Super easy to use. After recording, you can easily trim or shorten the length of your audio clip by tapping Edit and accessing the trim mode.
The tool allows you to cut out all extras at the beginning, e.g. B. when someone speaks before their cue, or at the end, when you start to get involved in something other than the topic!
Just play the recording until it reaches the desired start or end point and click to confirm.

This feature, combined with our unique Record Live option, gives podcasters even more ways to create content wherever and whenever – we hope this opens up a whole new world of podcasting for you.

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We want to make creating great podcasts as easy as listening to great podcasts. That’s why we’re constantly working to make our mobile and desktop platforms even better and the only complete podcasting solution you need.

We’ll be releasing many more great features in the coming months. So keep your eyes open!

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