Nick Hakim has announced a new album with jazz saxophonist Roy Nathanson (known for his work with Jazz Passengers and Lounge Lizards). Small Things will be out on April 16 and through Onyx Collective’s new label NYXO. The album is also produced by Isaiah Barr of Onyx Collective. Both Hakim and Nathanson appeared on the last Onyx Collective album. Check out the video for the new song “Moonman” below.

In a statement, Nathanson said he met Hakim at an Onyx Collective Show where both were performed. “Nick sang one of my poems on stage and afterwards said he wanted to come over and sing some of my other poems,” wrote Nathanson. He continued:

Then, in a nutshell, Nick finally came to my house in Flatbush and we went to my old basement and I gave him some poems from my new book. And just like that, Nick just stood behind my old fender. Rhodes played the chords for “Moonman” and “New Guy to Look At” and I played along and that was it. Of course we spent nearly the next year reworking the arrangements and doing the work you do, but that really was it.

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Little things::

01 little things
02 things you like and dislike in America
03 Moonman
04 Cry & Party
05 New type to look at
06 All the things that you are (rethought)
07 Little things 2