Nintendo’s Lego line of products continues to grow, and the company announced Thursday that the latest item to be published is one Super mario 64-Topic block.

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In a short video shared on social media, Nintendo teased the product, showcasing the iconic yellow question block found in Mario games. However, the block not only serves as its own decoration, but also opens up and shows four different landscapes around the theme Super mario 64.

A section of the build features Cool, Cool Mountain, where players will find the infamous baby penguin and other hard-to-get stars. The other shows the first section of the game, Bob-omb Battlefield, complete with his very own King Bob-omb sitting on top of the mountain like in the video game. Inside the block is the Lethal Lava Land, hidden and beneath everything, similar to what can be found in the game in the basement of Peach’s Castle.

Finally, the last area is Princess Peach’s castle, which towers above everything and comes along with a Lego version of Peach, Mario and even Koopa sitting on a cloud with a camera that is just as notorious in the game.

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The LEGO kit contains an amazing 2,064 pieces and will be released exclusively in Lego stores and on on October 1, 2021. even for Legos standards.