We are happy to announce that we have added another distributor to our one-click / tap distribution feature: Podcast addict.

Podcast Addict is the most popular and downloaded podcast listening app on the Google Play Store, depending on the platform over 9 million downloads and are home to 750,000 podcasts. The importance of the platform is sure to make it a fundamental distribution point for all podcasters Android market share keeps growing.

Why podcasters should be interested in the Android Market

So far, iOS devices have been seen as dominating the podcasting market. However, if we look at the global cellular market over the past few years, the usage of Android devices has continued to increase 75% of the world population Choose Android instead of iOS. This trend has been cemented by numbers like 44% of Americans Choose Android and a current market difference of only 2.3% between the two in the UK. Plus, with booming podcast markets like Brazil where 40% of all internet users If you’ve listened to podcasts and 90% of the population use Android devices, it is clear why this is such an important distribution point for podcasters. In this sense, podcasting is becoming more and more global undeniable the importance of the Android market for podcasters worldwide.

What is Spreaker’s One Click / Tip Distribution?

As you get closer to proliferation in the podcast market, there is one key difference to note between iOS and Android: iOS has a built-in distribution point (Apple Podcasts), while Android does not. This results in a much more fragmented listening environment on Android. Our One click distribution Tool simplifies this complexityThis gives you easy distribution across all major platforms, regardless of which device and app your listeners are using.

We introduced the syndication tool earlier this year to create the most streamlined system on the market. Our tool allows users to Share your podcast in seconds with all major platforms and is the most advanced tool of its kind out there, as we keep adding new distribution points it only gets better!

Can I monetize my podcast distribution to Podcast Addict?

Total! If you use ours Monetization programIf your podcast addict is listening, you can monetize your podcast as well. In addition, all listeners are logged via Podcast Addict and counted in your overall statistics. Win win.

To spread your podcast on Podcast Addict:

Our special distribution CMS page makes syndicating your podcast easy and clear. Once you’ve chosen your points of sale, we’ll review all of the requirements for you and make sure your podcast is ready to go.

  1. access CMS from Spreaker and choose your podcast
  2. Click on the “Distribution” option in the menu on the left
  3. Select the podcast distribution platform of your choice and click Submit. We’ll do the rest.

Send to Podcast Addict from Spreaker Studio (Android or iOS):

If you’ve installed our Spreaker Studio app, you can distribute it from there too.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Spreaker Studio.
  2. Then go to the Spreaker Studio app and select the podcast you selected.
  3. Access the list of distribution platforms.
  4. Tap the podcast distribution platform of your choice, hit send – we’ll do the rest.

We hope you hear more when you share your podcast with Podcast Addict. Look forward to more platforms in the future!