Open Mike Eagle has announced that Run the Jewels’ El-P will be featured in the new season of its What Had Happened Was podcast. The entire second season will be focused on interviews between Eagle and El-P as they progress through the rapper / producer’s career – from Company Flow to founding Definitive Jux to Run the Jewels and beyond. The season premiere will air next week on March 31st.

“I was excited to sit down with Mike Eagle and do what every artist loves to do best: talk about myself endlessly,” El-P said in a press release. “Hopefully my broken, weedy memory doesn’t have too much in the way.”

The final season of What Had Happened Was, which aired in 2020, focused on the life and work of influential hip-hop DJ / producer Prince Paul. Last fall, Open Mike Eagle released his latest album Anime, Trauma and Divorce.

Read the 5-10-15-20 function “El-P on the music that made it”.