You’re in control – introducing Spreaker’s new Content management system!

The content management system or CMSis a powerful new tool that makes general podcast and content management a breeze, so you can quickly make changes if necessary. We took care of the technology so that podcasters could stick to what they do best: podcasting.

There you will find everything – the CMS offers a complete overview of your company and your expenditure at a glance. It’s packed with new features that will let you do a lot of things, such as: B. customize your embedded player, manage multiple episodes at once, resize cover images, and much more.

The new CMS is a complete control card that allows you to view all of the contents of your account. Think of this as a backstage area for your podcast production, where you can access your podcast settings.

You can watch what you’ve already created, as well as create a new podcast. You can also quickly access your podcast’s statistics and RSS feed from here.

Once you’re in your podcast’s settings, you’ll find a combination of old and new features. Remember it embedded player we mentioned last week? You can make all your adjustments right here in the CMS. Just click Embed to get started. From here you can find advanced customization options such as: B. the possibility to replace the displayed picture and to switch the playlist on or off.


Manage episodes It’s even easier with managing multiple files. Do you want to quickly fill your podcast with episodes? Upload a few of these at once. Do you need to quickly remove some content in bulk? Select these episodes, then click Delete. You can even move them to different podcasts when the organization has got the best in you.


And productive podcasters can avoid endless scrolling by looking for specific episodes Search bar.


The devil is in the details, and the new CMS lets you change all the intricacies of your podcasts and episodes. For example, you can now finally Change the dates Your published episodes to match your desired timeline, even if it means backdated. You can also edit the permalinks of your podcasts and episodes, and size and crop your images to your liking.


Get excited? There will be more in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

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