We released ours at the beginning of May Trimming and cropping function For Spreaker Studio, iOS and Android users have the option to edit their podcast recordings on the go. In an effort to keep improving Spreaker and the podcast editing software we offer, we’ve now updated our podcast editing tools to make this possible Cropping and trimming of saved drafts and imported files. Ensuring maximum podcasting flexibility for our users.

You might think this isn’t a huge change, but let’s ponder a few situations where this update comes in particularly handy.

Your New Podcast Editing Process!

For example, suppose you’re recording but don’t have time to edit and polish your podcast to get it public. Absolutely no problem. All you have to do is save your draft and come back to it when you have time. This gives your podcast a live feel with a polished edge.

Or imagine you’ve recorded audio somewhere else that you want to include in your next podcast – now you can import those files, trim and trim to your heart’s content – and then publish them when you’re ready. For example, if you’re making your own music, you can even import something you’ve recorded, edit it and add it as a background track to your new episode. The possibilities are endless.

To create your fine-tuned audio clips, open the Drafts section in the app Pick an old design You have already saved or imported something that you recorded elsewhere. We have An Import button has been added to the Spreaker Studio Designs section This allows you to directly upload files that you have saved on your phone – once your file has been imported You can crop and trim it like any other file You recorded right in Spreaker Studio.

Start editing on the go

Make sure to trim and trim your audio files The app was updated or downloaded from the store to enjoy these new features.

We appreciated your feedback on the cropping and trimming tool. Let us know what you’d like so we can work on making these changes for you. Podcasts should be as easy and stress-free as possible.

Have fun podcasting!