Paramount taps Edgar Wright to develop / lead a new Running Man adaptation

Almost 35 years after the novel came to life on screen starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role of Stephen King’s The running man gets new life when Paramount is in final talks with Edgar Wright (Baby driver) lead a new adaptation of the science fiction story according to the deadline.

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Published in 1982 under the pen name Richard Bachman, the story is set in the dystopian world of the United States of America from 2025, where the nation’s economy lies in tatters and global violence rises. The focus is on protagonist Ben Richards, a man who is desperate to make money off of. Support his critically ill daughter Cathy and wife Sheila as he enters the title game show, where contestants can go anywhere in the world while they are being watched by “Hunters “Are tracked who kill them and earn $ 100 for every hour the contestant stays alive and avoids capture, an additional $ 10 for each law enforcement officer or hunter they kill, and a $ 1 billion grand prize if they can survive 30 days.

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Sources report that the new film will not be a remake of the 1987 film, but a more faithful adaptation of King’s novel with the Blood and Cornetto Trilogy Helmer, who previously expressed the wish to contribute his own attitude to the material, will write the story together with Micahel Bacall (Jump Street Franchise), hired with Bacall to customize the script.

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The new adaptation is to be produced by Fox’s X-Men Creative director Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon on his production banner for genre films alongside Nira Park for Wright’s Complete Fiction label.

(Image credit: John Phillips / Getty Images)