Patrick Paige II, a member of the internet, has announced a new solo album. If I fail, are we still cool? is on May 21st via Fat Possum. Today he shared the Ethan Nelson-directed video for the first single, “Whisper (Want My Luv),” starring Steve Lacy, Allen Love and Durand Bernarr. Check it out below. In 2018, Paige published a project called Letters of Irrelevance.

If I fail, are we still cool?::

01 Intro (hard times)
02 New habits [ft. Paco]
03 Big pieces [ft. Westside McFly]
04 curfew
05 runway [ft. Ohana Bam]
06 40,000 Ft
07 Responsible
08 Not much talked about [ft. Syd]
09 whisper (do you want my windward) [ft. Steve Lacy, Allen Love, Durand Bernarr]
10 Good grace [ft. Ohana Bum]
11 So they say
12 Who am I?
13 West Side Player S ** t [ft. Westside McFly]
14 freestyle [ft. Saba]
15 Feel me [ft. Bowie]
16 Sun Up
17 outro (wake up)