Patti Smith joined Substack. The singer-songwriter and writer announced her upcoming subscription-based newsletter in a video on Instagram in which she said the new weekly project will feature original photos, essays on books and films, and more. There will also be a paid subscription option that gives access to The Melting, a series Smith wrote in quarantine last year and which she refers to as the “Journal of” [her] private pandemic. “Check out the announcement below and subscribe to Smith’s newsletter at Substack.

In an intro letter, Smith described the newsletter in greater detail. “Through Substack, I intend to create a cohesive work for a responsive community,” she wrote. “Every week I will publish my weekly reflections, fragments of poetry, music and reflections on any subject that finds its way from thought to pen, to messages of the spirit, to pieces of this world that are free for all.”

Earlier this month, Smith gave a private concert at the Brooklyn Museum as a thank you to the institution’s staff. Last year she was awarded the PEN Literary Service Award 2020.

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