Pedro Pascal joins the HBO series The Last of Us as Joel

HBOs became HBO just hours after they found their Ellie and rumors of Mahershala Ali’s casting in the role broke into bed The last of us The train has found its main other than The Mandalorian Star Deadro Pascal has signed up as Joel for the adaptation of the successful video game franchise, according to Deadline.

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Aaaa and there’s the other half. I am thrilled to have Pedro on our show!

– Dr. Uckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) February 11, 2021

The last of us is an action adventure survival horror video game played from a third person perspective. It was developed by Santa Monica-based video game developer Naughty Dog, who is also known for its development Uncharted Games. It was first released for PlayStation 3 in 2013 and PlayStation 4 in 2014, and immediately received critical acclaim for its narrative, gameplay, graphics, sound design and characters.

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The game accompanies die-hard survivors Joel and Ellie, a young and capable girl, on their journey through a radically changed world. Twenty years after a cordyceps virus-borne infectious pandemic ravaged the human race, these two people, brought together by chance, must make life-changing choices to survive. The last of us Explores topics such as survival, loyalty, love, and redemption on an emotionally charged post-epidemic expedition through the United States. The series will see Pascal next to him as Joel game of Thrones Vet Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

Due to its immense popularity, The last of us has sold over 17 million copies and won numerous awards, including several awards for Game of the Year. Almost 7 years after its inception, the video game is currently recognized as one of the best video games of all time.

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The last of us The series customization will address the events of the first game with the possibility of additional content based on the upcoming sequel to the video game. It is written down by Chernobyl Creator Mazin and Druckmann, who is the game’s writer and creative director. Mazin will co-executive produce with Carolyn Strauss, Evan Wells, President of Naughty Dog, and Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan of PlayStation Productions. The project is a co-production with Sony Pictures Television in association with PlayStation Productions.

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