Oswald Cobblepot is getting his own series as HBO Max is currently developing a penguin series that may be linked to it The Batman.

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Deadline brings the news that it’s not clear if Colin Farrell, the penguin in. plays The BatmanShe will repeat the role for the upcoming show. The series will focus on Cobblepot’s past and show his rise to power in Gotham’s seedy underbelly, rather than him as an established kingpin. The character has a rich history of live action appearances when Danny DeVito played the famous penguin in B. playedatman returns and Robin Lord Taylor portrayed him in Gotham.

The upcoming Penguin series is said to be in early development and will become executive producer of The Batman‘s Dylan Clark and Matt Reeves. It’s a joint project between 6th and Idaho, DC Entertainment, Dylan Clark Productions, and Warner Bros. Television.

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This is not the first spin-off from The Batman to be in development. There is also a show that focuses on a corrupt cop in the Gotham Police Department who will serve as the prequel to the film that Joe Barton will be the showrunner. It will be set in the first year of Batman, while the film will be set in the second year of the Caped Crusader.