We started Share private episodes to give our users maximum flexibility in publishing and the opportunity to develop their podcast business model. After launch, we’ve received several requests from our podcasters to expand the feature to entire shows, so we’re excited to announce the arrival of Private podcast sharing!

Why is this great for you

Private episode sharing enables users to post exclusive content to loyal listeners or create paywall episodes in exchange for a service. Private podcast sharing allows podcasters instead Take this to the next level and create a fully functional business from their podcast through introduction Two new visibility options for your podcasts: Private and restricted access. The really big part is that podcasts are available to your listeners with limited access on both mobile and web devices, making them ideal for remote distribution.

Monetize your premium content

Instead of having to manage the management of individual episode sales, podcasters can now sell entire courses and share different seasons with different course levels. Say you’re a language teacher, Series 1 could be your introductory course and sell a 10 episode course. Series 2 is for beginners and so on – each with their own pricing model. It’s a clear and easy way to use podcasting to sell your product.

Connect with your employees

Another way to use this feature is to share sensitive information around your company. A private corporate podcast is an easy way to keep employees up to date on business changes and important information, while also making sure it stays internal at all times.

Thank you to your audience

When you have some listeners who you want to thank for their continued support, why not share them with an exclusive podcast. It’s a really easy way to make them feel special. You can even add an embedded player with the podcast to a page where you control access. Don’t forget that our player is supported on numerous platforms, including Patreon and Change.org.

Archive your best work

If you have a podcast that you don’t want to share publicly, we’ll keep it for you. Save a podcast on Spreaker for your personal archive – you can revisit and publish it anytime!

Start using private podcast sharing

Private podcast sharing is available on all broadcaster plans and above. Free and On-Air Talent users will need to upgrade to access the feature.

How to access your private podcast linkyou can find the url through your CMS. In the CMS, select the podcast you want to share privately and select it. In the settings of the podcast you can edit the visibility and change it to “Restricted Access”. Then a new link will appear that you can copy and paste anywhere.

Don’t have a broadcaster plan or higher and want to try this feature? Upgrade now!