(Updated March 2019) Attention to Detail. We know you are interested. Especially when it comes to how your podcast is presented and played. After recording yourself, your Website look is probably what you make the most fuss about. And rightly so – Brand consistency is key to appearing professionaland your embedded player is no exception.

So here’s the good news: Spreaker’s Embedded Player updated now slip into yours even better own branding – discreet, minimal and powerful.

Visible branding that is yours

Taking your listeners to your home base to listen to your podcast is a great way to keep your branding and distribution exactly how you want them to be. Even the font you choose on your website is related to your distinctive look and feel. The updated player is therefore geared towards this level of customization and offers a White label solution with the option to remove the Spreaker logo.

Through Spreaker’s CMS, you can choose to do this if the logo collides with your background image, or if you just prefer not to display any text other than the episode title. You might decide it just looks more professional So that your own logo is the only one that is prominently displayed on your website.

Okay, Speaker will be doing his thing behind the scenes – including tracking games, downloads, and likes from this site – while your clean look can take center stage.

More control over social engagement

Another new way with Spreaker’s embedded player is: Remove the comments, likes and share icons, or add the download icon. With any platform from which you distribute your podcast, it is important to identify your target audience and your main goals. If you want to think of your website as a space for a deeper exploration of your content, keep in mind that choosing the right buttons can help you keep people on the site and listen to the player as they navigate the pages . It all depends on your specific requirements. You can adapt the embedded player to yours at any time.

Here, too, it depends on the branding. By removing the buttons, the player looks even simpler and more elegant and focuses more on the personalized elements that you want to draw attention to.

Still a lot of customizing!

A clean canvas does not mean an empty one! Your embedded player should definitely develop its own look and function according to your specific needs.

Add background image For the player, an image reflecting your subject or your own headshot is a good visual cue for your listeners visiting your website. Customize the player to match the tone of your website by choosing between dark and light themes.

Would you like your content to play automatically when a LIVE starts? It’s all up to you. And if you use one WordPress.com Site you can add the embedded player without needing a special plug-in! Check out these popular customization options here!

Hey, looks good and oh so professional! Go into Spreaker’s CMS and customize your embedded player!