An extensive 68-track compilation called Through the Soil will be released on April 2nd. The album features music by Spirit of the Beehive, Julie Doiron, Teen Suicide, Hovvdy, Salvia Palth, Scruffpuppie, Horse Jumper of Love and many, many more. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the competition will go to the NAMI COVID-19 Mental Health Support Fund. Preview the songs from the following recording.

Through the Soil is about “taking a cross-generational snapshot of the home improvement and bedroom lo-fi indie scene,” as stated in the press materials. The compilations contain a large collection of unpublished original works. The cover picture was taken by Phil Elverum, and the liner notes and additional artwork are by the virtual artist Sami Martasian, who also makes music under the name Puppy Problems. Through the Soil was mastered by Jesse Cannon from Brooklyn’s Found Soundation
Recording studios.

The compilation was put together by Andres Villogas and Steven Danglis, who met in online chat rooms for music discussions during the COVID-19 pandemic. “None of us had really been in chat rooms like this before the dramatic situation that the pandemic had brought about,” Villogas said in a press release. “When you are limited in going out and socializing, you need to find other means to fill that void of human interaction. To a certain extent, this concept initially emerged as a COVID boredom project. “

“We wanted to find a creative way to raise funds for mental health awareness. and a
Putting it together seemed like a step. “Said Danglis. Villogas added:

It was amazing. As we progressed, we became nervous about who to contact. To our surprise, it seemed like everyone we wanted to reach agreed with our idea and, as a result, the scope of the project grew exponentially. It got to the point where we were being reached by groups we never thought we could connect – it got really special. Organically, in my opinion, it grew as a symbol of human nature’s longing for connection. In particular, it is an embodiment of the longing for interaction and collaboration with other people that is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.