The Swedish experimental pop-singer-songwriter Luminous Kid (alias photographer / visual artist Olof Grind) hired Phoebe Bridgers for “Mountain Crystals”. Below, listen to the song with some spoken words from Bridgers.

“Mountain Crystals” is the lead track of Luminous Kid’s next album at the end of Dream, which is due out on April 23rd. Luminous Kid first worked with Bridgers while filming the cover of 2020’s Punisher in the California desert. He wrote Mountain Crystals in Los Angeles after Bridgers invited him to a party at Conor Oberst’s house.

“I think the more role models and queer experiences there are in popular culture, the better,” said Luminous Kid of the track. “If a song or a work of art can make a sad and trapped young queer feel better, then this is a step in the right direction.”