Phoebe Bridgers shared a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” her contribution to The Metallica Blacklist. According to Tidal, Bridgers produced her cover with Ethan Gruska and Tony Berg. It also includes contributions from frequent contributors Marshall Vore and Rob Moose. Listen to Phoebe Bridger’s “Nothing Else Matters” below.

Speaking to Zane Lowe about Apple Music 1, Bridgers said, “It was just so much fun to be part of. I feel like my version sounds almost baroque. Literally, James [Hetfield] doing all sorts of weird octave jumps and stuff I can’t, and I almost have a Billie Eilish approach that’s right on the mic doing the opposite of them, which is really fun to lean into. “

Bridgers also said:

I’ve always been a huge Metallica fan. I think it’s funny, my introduction to them was probably much later than it was to so many people who have always loved them. But when I was a teenager I went to Outside Lands and I definitely knew Metallica songs from video games and stuff, but I went to Outside Lands and I saw their set and I thought, “That’s a rock band. It’s kind of a gateway to metal because they’re so addicting and you can hold onto so much of it and it can actually get stuck in your head. That’s what I’ve always loved about Metallica, that they don’t shy away from a great hook.

The Metallica Blacklist comes out on September 10th and includes additional covers by Weezer, J Balvin, Miley Cyrus, St. Vincent and many others.