Statistics are vital to podcasting. They will help you track your growth and (indirectly) manage your podcasting process and content. The more specific the statistics, the better, and whenever new types of statistics become available to podcasters, it’s like striking gold.

This is where Spreaker has set its focus. We’re excited to launch a new data point that will make your mouth water: Follower Tracking!

Let’s get it back to basics, as it has to be repeated over and over again: statistics are important, important – absolutely necessary. They are hard facts to refer to over and over again that will give you an accurate idea of ​​who your audience is. Aside from a number of games you get, stats include where the listeners are from, how old they are, and what devices they switch on from. And that’s a lot! With this information, you can put together a very specific idea of ​​what your typical listener looks like.

Think of it this way: It’s difficult to create content without an audience because that goal determines the angle, language, and overall tone that you adopt as you approach your podcast. Statistics can help you determine if your podcast and audience are aligned, and further improve those components.

If you really want to make money from your podcast, detailed stats provide the crucial data you need to report back to advertising agencies or sponsors. They know exactly what types of products or news to promote during your podcast and what reach to expect.

With Spreaker’s new follower tracking, you have one more stat in your toolbox to refer to and that has a lot of value.

For one, you can trace spikes in followers back to actual episodes and marketing decisions.
Perhaps this tip coincides with this amazing interview with Ryan Gosling. Or maybe it came right after that killer social media campaign.

Second, it could be argued that your follower count is just as important, if not more important, than your games. Think about it: a piece can come from anyone who even drops in on your podcast, but that listener may never come back. Similar to subscribing, however, someone who chooses to follow you and your podcasts is committed. They want to find out more and plan to come back. It also shows that as a phenomenal podcaster, you’ve kept all of your promises: to keep up with quality content, a consistent schedule, and engaging material.

After all, follower information helps you get to know your audience well – like really well. A Spreaker Follower is an actual person with a profile that you can view. So when you see a sudden result in numbers, find out who else that follower is following and who is following them back, and discover a whole network of communities to fall back on. It’s another dimension of your demographics that helps put a face to the game and the potential leads on your outreach list.

How to Track Your Followers

You can find these new statistical gold nuggets right in Spreakers CMS under the Statistics section, but only if you have a broadcaster plan or higher.

From the Spreaker homepage, access the drop-down menu in the top right corner and select the Dashboard. From there, select the Statistics option in the menu on the left. You’ll find the Followers tab on the far right.

You can see your total number of account followers on a given day and track their growth over time.

Do you like what you see? Take a look inside your CMS to see what’s new!

Would you like to add follower tracking to your dashboard? Upgrade to the Broadcaster Plan Now!