Post Hill Press will no longer publish a book written by any of the officials involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

The Battle For The Truth: The Inside Story Behind The Breonna Taylor Tragedy Of Former Louisville Police Officer Jonathan Mattingly Lost Its Distribution Earlier This Year When Simon & Schuster announced they would no longer distribute the book – after protests against their decision to use the Distribute book first. Since Post Hill Press, a small conservative US publisher, relies on S&S to distribute its books for them, the decision left the book pending.

While looking for a publisher to distribute the book, Mattingly returned his advance payment and continued telling that the media only misunderstood the story regarding him and two colleagues firing their guns in Breonna Taylor’s apartment.

Breonna Taylor was killed at the age of 26 and the case was one of many incidents where police brutality against black victims was at the center of Black Lives Matters protests aimed at ending police brutality and racism.

This is not the first book in which an author faces consequences for his behavior who uses the media to complain that he has been “canceled” and “silenced”. At the beginning of this year, after the U.S. capital uprising on Jan.

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We didn’t make this decision easy for ourselves. As editors, our mission will always be to reinforce a multitude of voices and points of view: at the same time, we take our greater public responsibility as citizens seriously and cannot support it [the Senator] for its role in what has become a dangerous threat to our democracy and freedom.

Simon & Schuster was also protested by 200 of its own employees against their book contract with former Vice President Mike Pence. In this case, they did not change course.

There have been cases of consequences, but there is still no “culture of abandonment” around conservative books. The New York Times recently reported on the surge in conservative publications: In Backlash to Racial Reckoning, Conservative Publishers See Gold and the Wall Street Journal reported on publishers occupying this niche: New Book Publishers Caters to Conservative Voices It Says Are Being Silenced.

It’s hard to claim to be silenced in nationally broadcast television interviews, commentary, and a world where self-publishing exists.