LinkedIn might not be your first choice when you’re thinking of promoting a podcast and getting listeners, but if you get it right, you’ll see an increase in listeners, downloads, and overall user interaction through this largely overlooked platform.

I am sure you are curious; How do I upload a podcast to LinkedIn? I am glad you asked. In 2014, LinkedIn added a feature that now allows all users to post blog-style content directly to their LinkedIn profile. To learn more about LinkedIn Pulse, visit LinkedIn Help. For the purposes of this post, we’ll pretend that you already understand the basics of LinkedIn Pulse.

Let’s navigate to your Spreaker episode list::

Next, select a file to edit and look to the right side of the screen where you will see the link for “Auto Share”. You can use this link to share your episode on YouTube or Soundcloud.

Then click the red “Publish” button:

That will post your episode on YouTube. When the processing is done and done on YouTube, it looks like this:


It is from here that the fun happens on LinkedIn resulting in more people listening to your podcast. Navigate to your LinkedIn profile and look for the “Publish Post” button.

Once your post is open, this part is like any other blogging platform. Choose an attractive image for the header image that will grab attention. Then write your show notes or details about when the reader might be interested in the content. I always add at least a few small paragraphs here. Next, add your podcast via the YouTube upload you created earlier.

Just get the embedded iframe code found under “Share the Embed”. Just copy and paste the code and come back to LinkedIn and your blog post.

In the editor, click the small play button. The following text is displayed in a popup:

You can add media from YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Ted, Livestream, or Getty images by adding their images Here

Paste the code copied from YouTube and click “Add Media”.

Once you do that, your YouTube video, which is your podcast that has been converted and uploaded to YouTube, has been embedded into your post on LinkedIn. This is super exciting because depending on how many people are following you, this message will be sent directly to them:


You can have more people following you than you have connections on LinkedIn. So don’t be intimidated by my number. Once you start publishing articles regularly, your followers will increase.

Of course, from posting podcast episodes on LinkedIn, I’ve received more requests from influencers to appear on my podcast. Business owners who want coaching on how to create their own podcast and offer speaking opportunities to talk about effective ways to market on LinkedIn. Most importantly, I’ve seen a huge increase in listeners and games on my Spreaker channel.

If you’d like to see examples of what the post looks like, you can visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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