Promoting your podcast can be very hard work. Sharing multiple networks takes time, and the time you spend sharing can add to the overhead and workflow of creating a high quality podcast.

Speaking of promoting your podcast, if you missed my last post on promoting your podcast on LinkedIn on Build Authority, then this is the place to check out. It’s about how you can harness the power of LinkedIn to get more listeners and grow a bigger following.

It would be amazing if you could get your podcast listeners to promote your show or make it so easy for them to share that they couldn’t resist sharing your podcast with their friends and family. The good news is that the Spreaker player has social sharing built right into the embeddable widget that you can use on your own website to make the process of sharing your podcast seamless.

One benefit of using the Spreaker Player is that when a user shares your podcast with Twitter through one of the embeddable widgets, they’ll see a Twitter card like the one below. The Twitter card improves the user experience by allowing your listener to use your podcast directly on the Twitter stream.

The player is fully functional and does not affect the user experience, so it is more likely that it will listen and share your podcast straight from Twitter to make your show even more accessible to potential listeners.

In the video tutorial below, I’ll walk you through the entire process step by step on how to effectively share your episodes and encourage your listeners to do the same.

Once you’ve seen the video, go to your website and add one of the Spreaker player widgets. Then come back to this post and leave a comment on the difference you noticed in how your listeners were consuming and sharing your podcast.

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