May 2007: Wood stars alongside Manson in a sexually stimulating video for his song “Heart-Shaped Glasses”. Wood is widely known to be with Manson, who is just divorcing dancer Dita Von Teese. The following year, Manson and Wood separated.

June 2009: In an interview published by SPIN, Manson says he injured himself after breaking up with Wood and that he dreams of hurting her. “I have fantasies every day about pounding her skull with a sledgehammer,” he is quoted as saying. His camp later claims that he did not mean it seriously and made the remarks in a spirit of theatrical exaggeration.

July 2009: Manson apparently threatens violence against music journalists. “I’m very different from the press, which is about to be murdered at home,” he writes in a blog post that is no longer online, in response to a derogatory media mention. “If another ‘journalist’ makes a carefree statement about me and my band, I will greet them personally or with the help of my fans at their home and find out how much they believe in their freedom of speech.”

November 2009: Manson publishes the video for his song “Running to the Edge of the World,” which contains a staged scene in which he appears to brutally beat a female character who several critics note appears to resemble Wood.

January 2010: After the reconciliation, Manson and Wood are reportedly engaged to be engaged. he suggests on stage. They separated again within a few months.

November 2016: In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wood first spoke publicly about “being raped by a significant other while we were together.” It also refers to their “physical, psychological, [and] sexual abuse by a partner. It does not go into the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

October 2017: Manson’s longtime bassist Twiggy Ramirez is charged with rape. After Manson said he knew “nothing about these allegations until recently” and was “saddened” by the alleged survivor’s “apparent plight”, he parted ways with Ramirez. Ramirez makes a statement claiming that he was “only made aware of these allegations over 20 years ago,” claiming “I do not condone non-consensual sex.”

February 2018: Comedian and actress Charlyne Yi accuses Manson of molesting women and making racist comments on the set of the TV drama House. Manson does not comment on the allegations.

In the same month, again without naming, Wood describes the experience of sexual assault and domestic violence in testimony before Congress. “My experience of domestic violence has been this,” she says, “the toxic mental, physical, and sexual abuse that started slowly but escalated over time, including threats to my life, severe gas lights, and brainwashing that woke the man up who claimed to love. ” I rape what he thought was my unconscious body. “

August 2018: The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office says in a lawsuit that they refused to prosecute a case against Manson. In a police report filed against Manson earlier this year, he was alleged to have committed unspecified sex crimes since 2011 on the grounds of “absence of confirmation”. Through his lawyer, Manson “categorically” denies the allegations and calls them “completely delusional”.

April 2019: Wood reports her experience of domestic violence again, this time before a California Senate panel. Again she refuses to name her alleged perpetrator. “The fear of being judged by society is debilitating and the fear of retaliation from my perpetrator paralyzes,” she says. “I have been diagnosed with complex PTSD including disassociation, panic attacks, night terrors, agoraphobia, impulse control, chronic pain in my body, and other symptoms.”