New York rap legend Biz Markie passed away today (July 16). He was 57 years old. Now Questlove, Q-tip, Bootsy Collins, Flea and more have paid tribute to the late MC, DJ and producer. You will find her memorial words below.

Unconfirmed news of Markie’s death spread on social media in the days leading up to his death, and it was reported that he suffered a stroke related to his type II diabetes. He managed to survive until Friday evening when his death was officially confirmed by his agent.

“Biz built me, man,” wrote Questlove on Instagram. “In my early early stages, it was Biz who taught me the REAL places to keep records … Biz taught me which cities are good at digging …”

Other honors came from A-Trak, Wyclef and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, who said on Twitter: “All my love is for the unique bringer of love and joy, the great Biz Markie. I’ll beat his records until the day I die and my heart will rejoice. I love you, Biz. ”And Adult Swim’s Jason Demarco commented,“ Nobody has ever sounded like The Biz and never will ”.