As of today, Radiohead is on TikTok. If you are expecting a Thom Yorke dance challenge, you will be deeply disappointed. The band made their debut on the platform with a clip starring Chieftain Mews, producer Nigel Godrich’s longtime character, sitting at a desk with the Radiohead logo in the background.

Someone speaks to him outside the camera (“Say something.”), To which Mews replies: “Well, what should I say?” Finally, he addresses the viewer: “This is your wake-up call. Have a good day. ”A clip from“ Paranoid Android ”can be seen in the background. Radiohead’s TikTok account reads,“ Proud to join the TikTok revolution. ”Watch the video below.

It is worth noting that today, April 1st, is April Fool’s Day. So who knows what the future of the Radiohead TikTok account will be?

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