Ranking: The 8 best Wyatt Russell roles ahead of Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This week didn’t just bring viewers to the exciting premiere of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe series from Disney + The falcon and the winter soldier, but also our first official look at Wyatt Russell donning the Captain America suit as the new incarnation of the hero. Now that Russell is an official part of the MCU, ComingSoon.net examines the 34-year-old actor’s filmography prior to the series and rates his eight best roles.

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1. Lodge 49 – Sean “Dud” Dudley

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When Russell rose to fame in Hollywood, he found his greatest part to date starring in AMC’s dramedy series Lodge 49 and quickly proved that he was capable of carrying out an entire project just because of his charm and presence, while still effectively and powerfully immersing himself in every serious moment. When it premiered, the series was the best new thing on TV, and its second season turned out to be even better than the last, which makes it a shame that it was canceled early and couldn’t find a new home.

2. Everyone wants something !! – Charlie Willoughby

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One of the roles that helped Russell make a name for himself and an important part in his work on Lodge 49, senior player and often stoned Charlie Willoughby in Richard Linklaters Dazed and confused spiritual continuation Everyone wants something !! continues to prove one of his best roles and gives him the opportunity to engage with a relaxed person who turns out to be endlessly observable.

3. 22 Jump Street – Zook Haythe

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Another of his mainstream breakout roles, 22 Jump Street offered Russell the opportunity not only to demonstrate his comedic skills, but also to shed light on his ability to delve into some darker and more mysterious traits. Although some of these have proven to be fake red pegs for the film’s central mystery, the authenticity with which Russell takes the line of potential evil and kind rival to Jonah Hills Schmidt is.

4th Overlord – Sergeant Lewis Ford

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It was Russell’s turn to come out as Corporal Lewis Ford in Julius Avery’s thrilling WWII Nazi zombie B film Overlord. Russell got the stoicism and cynicism of a war-damaged man and the struggle to maintain a steady keel when dark secrets revealed and established himself as a great talent to use in future immersion in horror or action. Genres should watch.

5. Black mirror “Playtest” – Cooper

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While his narrative may not have the deepest subject matter or the full potential of its story, Dan Trachtenberg’s “Playtest” episode was by Charlie Booker Black mirror I had a number of other things to do to keep things exciting, most of which stemmed from Russell’s powerful leadership role. Russell makes wonderful use of the baffled humor, emotionally ruined, and thoroughly frightened elements of Cooper, and prevents the episode from ever feeling boring.

6. Ingrid goes west – Ezra O’Keefe

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Though more of a minor character compared to other roles on this list, Russell plays as Ezra, friend of Elizabeth Olsen’s Taylor, in the contemporary dark comedy Ingrid goes west is still a wonderful to see. Russell never completely delves into the laid-back nature of Dud or Charlie, but still easily connects as a struggling artist and partner of a viral social media star and finds a good balance that can keep up with the rest of the cast.

7. Goon: Last of the enforcers – Anders Cain

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Jay Baruchel’s follow-up to the 2011 hit follows in a rare, strictly antagonistic role Go onRussell, in which he was a star and co-writer, portrays Anders Cain, a casual hockey player who rivals everyone’s favorite Doug “The Thug Glatt,” and holds nothing back in his performance. The film around him has skillfully captured the anger and hatred that constantly bubbles in Anders’ heart and used his past time as a hockey player. It may not have matched its predecessor, but it has given a villain a far more powerful character thanks to Russell.

8. We are what we are – Deputy Anders

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Before a baby-faced Russell found a niche in the comedy world, he plunged into the realm of horror and played a supporting role in Jim Mickle’s English adaptation of We are what we are and it was a fascinating twist on the part of the performer that would be great to see him explore again. Kind-hearted, well-meaning, and determined, Deputy Anders might not have had a happy ending in the movie, but every time he appeared on screen he was sure to be a character the audience wanted to be interested in and a delight during Russell’s more auditory roles to see, he really falls back on the compelling stoic personality that his father has portrayed so well over and over again.

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The falcon and the winter soldier Stars Anthony Mackie (Captain America: Civil War) as Sam Wilson aka The Falcon and Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) as Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier. The couple who got together in the last moments of Avengers: EndgameJoin a global adventure that will test your skills and patience.

They will be joined by MCU veterans Daniel Bruhl and Emily VanCamp, who will return as Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter respectively. Neither character has appeared on screen since 2016 Captain America: Civil War. Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes, also known as War Machine, will also appear.

During the Marvel Studios panel at D23 Expo 2019, it was announced that Wyatt Russell (Lodge 49, Black mirror) joined the series for the role of Marvel Comics character John Walker, who appeared in the comics both as a rerun of Captain America and later as a US agent. Miki Ishikawa (The terror: shame), Desmond Chiam (Now apocalypse), Carl Lumbly (Doctor sleep, Super girl), Noah Mills (The enemy within) and Danny Ramirez were also cast on the series.

The falcon and the winter soldier is a six-episode series directed by Kari Skogland, with Malcolm Spellman as lead writer. John Wick Creator Derek Kolstad has also joined the series’ writing / creative team.