Actor Ray Fisher has had a very long and very public issue with Warner Bros. and DC since the original version of the film Justice League was published. Even so, the actor says he wouldn’t turn down the chance to repeat his role as a cyborg.

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During a recent panel at MEGACON Orlando this weekend, Fisher was asked by the No Load Time podcast what, if anything, it would take to ever play his role as a cyborg in the DC Extended Universe again. According to Fisher, there are many behind the scenes things that need to be worked on before this happens.

“That is a complicated question. I think it ultimately determines how people spend their money, what happens and what doesn’t in this business, and especially in comics and DC, ”said Fisher (via “For me there is a lot behind the scenes. Obviously, I didn’t shy away from talking about all of the things that happened in the last year, the back and forth that I personally and publicly had with Warner Bros. Pictures, Walter Hamada, and the rest of the crew over there. “

Although Fisher played his role as a cyborg in the recently released Zack Snyder’s Justice League‘Fisher didn’t seem to be having a conversation about something moving forward. However, he said he “doesn’t mind” returning as a fan-favorite character, but he needs an apology first.

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“I think it all starts for me with an apology from Warner Bros. There are a lot of really badass things that have been especially publicized,” said Fisher. “What Walter Hamada and Warner Bros. Pictures tried professionally and personally in one of the most critical years for black people in human history is simply unacceptable.”