Do you want to make sure students have access to great books and digital resources in their classrooms? Tuesday, March 16 – tomorrow – starting at 7 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, you can do just that by participating in the fourth annual DonorsChoose #FillEveryShelf campaign.

DonorsChoose is a platform where educators can submit projects that want crowdfunding. It has been used since 2000, most often by teachers in needy communities where funding problems are numerous. Each project is assessed by DonorsChoose and the fulfillment of the projects is done by the organization. You can be sure that every cent donated goes straight to the project.

#FillEveryShelf aims to fund any book or digital resource project on the site in a single day. Every donation to a qualifying project is matched by DonorsChoose throughout the day, up to a million dollars. In some cases, external organizations are also available that already offer to match donations to individual projects. This means your donation can be matched three or more times.

Teachers have submitted their projects for the program, and these projects range from print book inquiries to magazine inquiries, professional development materials, audiobooks, e-books and more.

To participate in the funding, search #FillEveryShelf on starting tomorrow. Likewise, each project will be highlighted with the “Books” tag as part of the campaign for easy identification.

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Another way to find these projects is to keep an eye on the hashtag #FillEveryShelf on Twitter. The teachers will share their eligible projects there and it is extremely satisfying to watch how each funding goal is met.

Last year’s #FillingEveryShelf campaign took place in the weeks leading up to the widespread shutdowns due to COVID-19. DonorsChoose reported that over 9,000 projects have been donated by those passionate about getting books into the hands of young readers.

Set aside a few dollars – or more than a few if you can – and join the project tomorrow. It doesn’t seem like $ 5 goes far, but it will. The average project request in the classroom is smaller than you can imagine, and with a matching offer, the classrooms will soon see more books on their physical and digital shelves, giving students the world of literature, critical thinking, literacy and fun offers whether or not they are in the physical classroom.