It’s been a little over a year now Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, the remaster of the first game, appeared on the Nintendo Switch. And if a new report is to be believed, the next entry in the series is in full swing.

This report is from Fanbyte. According to their sources, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, or whatever it is called, is indeed real and should be revealed in early 2021. Monolith Soft is struggling to optimize the title for the Switch as well as adapting it to developments during a pandemic. The report also notes that this game tries to bring more characters to the screen than the previous games, which could possibly explain the issues with optimizing the game for the aging console.

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It also originally appeared to have a release date in the winter of 2021, but could appear in the first half of 2022 given the ongoing issues. Everything could change as nothing has been made official or public.

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It all started with a little podcast in which an actress suggested that a new title was coming. Jenna Coleman, who plays Melia, was featured on Dins Meteorite’s YouTube channel back in June. She said that she thought, “There is something else they’ll do” before pausing, changing her expression, and then saying that she wasn’t sure she was “allowed to say this”.