Simple, intuitive and entirely according to your wishes. This is exactly how you want your podcast listening experience to be: easy to find what you want, avoid stumbling through podcasts you are not interested in during your search, and ultimately make the decisions you want to make while listening as well .

With Spreaker Podcast Radio, we have taken your needs into account every step of the way from the moment you open the app. A handy search bar and curated lists and channels that have been carefully curated get you to the podcasts you’re looking for quickly and painlessly – and things don’t stop when you hit the play button. Even if you listen, you can still control what is flowing through your ears.

With the playback functions, you can hear what you want, how you want. We’re excited to announce that you now have the option to reverse the episode order of a podcast, as well as the other great features already available in the appsuch as switching the playback speed, a sleep timer and notifications for your favorite episodes.

The newest feature of Spreaker Podcast Radio lets you change the episode order of a podcast from oldest to newest to more closely follow the narrative thread. You can listen to real crime podcasts and audiobooks as they should be experienced from the first episode, even if they already have six episodes in the program. Reversing the episode order can also help when listening to regular talk podcasts – follow your favorite host’s creative development (and get all the inside jokes, after all).

You can reverse the episode order of any podcast in its info area.

If you’re a real podcast fan, you have not just one favorite, but lots of them. With notifications turned on for your favorite podcasts, you’ll never lose track of any one. When you mark a podcast as a favorite, be it by selecting “Favorite” from the list of options, tapping the “More” icon, or by tapping the star icon in the podcast view, it will not only appear in your Favorites area, but you will also receive a notification every time a new episode is published.

Sometimes in a hurricane you totally stumbled upon the time. In other cases, you’ve hit the jackpot with the niche of niche podcasts on your favorite subject, but the host is just … so … slow … and in other cases, you’re still hearing a special guest on your favorite podcast that I can just do do not stand back or take a breath.

In all of these cases, manipulating the playback speed settings is the best option you have.

You can adjust the playback speed by going to the episode view and tapping OPTIONS under the search bar (on iOS, you can also tap the settings icon in the top right on Android). Tap and drag the yellow dot to get the speed you want.

Finally, there’s the sleep timer, a great feature if you like to fall asleep on podcasts before bed or nod off on the long walk home. The timer will automatically turn off the episode you are listening to after the specified time (this way you won’t drain the battery unnecessarily). So if you already have the feeling that you will be asleep in about five minutes, tap on “+ 5 minutes”. To set it to fifteen minutes, you can tap “+ 15 minutes” or “+ 5 minutes” three times.

Spreaker Podcast Radio gives you all the features you need to take control of your listening. Download Now: Download Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS and Android Now!