Rhiannon Giddens has announced a new album with the Italian musician Francesco Turrisi. You call me at home and came through Nonesuch on April 9th. They recorded the album for six days in a small studio outside of Dublin. Listen to the opening of the LP “Calling Me Home” below.

“Calling Me Home” was written by Alice Gerrard. “Some people just know how to use a tradition and an emotion so deep that it sounds like a song that has always been around,” said Giddens. “’Calling Me Home’ has impressed me the first time and every time since. This song just wanted to be sung, so I listened. “

Rhiannon Giddens did not publish another in 2019 with Francesco Turrisi. Last year she and Amanda Palmer shared a cover of Portishead’s “It’s a Fire”.

You call me home::

01 call me home
02 Avalan
03 Yes, sweetness is agony
04 I am not moved
05 Black as a crow
06 O death
07 Niwel goes to town
08 When I was in my prime
09 Water-bound
10 tyrant for you
11 Nenna Nenna
12 Amazing grace