Note: This article contains descriptions of suspected sexual assault.

Michael Milosh – the musician, singer, and songwriter behind the Rhye and Milosh projects – was told in an open letter shared by his ex-wife, actress Alexa Nikolas, on Sunday (March 14th) about sexual assault, domestic violence, and the Charged with caring for a minor, Rolling Stone reports.

In an open letter titled “Maintained by the Bridegroom,” Nikolas claimed she started speaking to Milosh when she was 16 and 33 – a claim she had previously made in a 2018 interview with Verse. Nikolas also said when she turned 18 she met Milosh in Berlin, where he allegedly forced her to have sex after she refused to give her consent. She also made allegations of physical abuse.

In a statement shared with Pitchfork, Milosh called Nikolas’ claims “outrageously false” and her open letter “a piece of revisionist fiction”. He told her, “Stories [are] proven false, “he added,” fully prepared to cooperate with an independent investigation into Nikolas’ allegations.

Nikolas claimed in her open letter that Milosh had waived the promise of financial support after their divorce. “I have always wished her the best and continued to support her financially, even after I was no longer obliged to do so under our divorce agreement,” wrote Milosh in his statement. “At some point I stopped paying [and] In response, Alexa resorted to character murder. “

Michael Milosh and Alexa Nikolas were married on March 16, 2012, according to Pitchfork court records. The couple separated on March 26, 2016 and the divorce was finalized on May 17, 2019, records show. Rhye’s 2013 Breakout album’s Woman was positioned in the press as a kind of love letter from Milosh to Nikolas. Milosh thanks “my wife, my muse, Alexa” in his liner notes.

If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual assault or domestic violence, we encourage you to seek support:

RAINN National Hotline for Sexual Assault
1 800 656 HOPE (4673)

Line of crisis text (chat support)
SMS: Text “HERE” to 741-741

The national hotline for domestic violence
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)