The English songwriter Richard Dawson and the Finnish metal act Circle have teamed up for a new album. It’s called Henki and will be released on November 26th via the domino imprint Weird World. “Lily” is the first track they shared from the project, and Dawson appears with snooker pro (and well-known techno DJ) Steve Davis in the video directed by Mika Taanila. Check that out and check out the full track listing below.

“Lily” was inspired by reports from Dawson’s mother of supernatural experiences in a Newcastle hospital, according to a press release. Dawson added that the title of the album can be roughly translated as “ghost”. His last solo album was in 2019’s 2020, while Circle’s latest is Terminal from 2017.


01. Cooksonia
02 ivy
03 Silphium
04 Silene
05 Methuselah
06 lily
07 jug