Last year Rick Rubin was cited for violating the quarantine in Hawaii. The producer allegedly walked an empty area of ​​Anini Beach near where he lives in Princeville, Kauai, in violation of the island’s mandatory two-week quarantine period for visitors outside the island.

Rubin has now paid a $ 1,000 fine for the violation, reports The Garden Island, and a spokesman for the Hawaii State Judiciary confirmed Pitchfork.

When reached by Pitchfork, Rubin’s attorney Craig De Costa said his client’s disorderly charge was reduced to a non-criminal offense. Online records reflect the change and also show that Ruby was not advocating competition. The case is now closed, according to online records.

The Garden Island said Rubin appeared in court through Zoom and refrained from making a statement on his own behalf. De Costa reportedly told the judge that the producer was confused about the island’s rules and “had no intention of interacting with anyone on the beach (in front of his house)”.