Ron Livingston replaces Billy Crudup as Henry Allen on The Flash

Almost two weeks after it was first announced that the title character’s father would be re-cast and an actress was found to portray his mother in DC Extended Universe The Lightning found his replacement for Billy Crudup as Henry Allen in the form of Golden Globe nominee Ron Livingston (A million little things) by type.

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In mid-March it became known for the first time that Maribel VerdĂș (Pan’s maze) had signed up as Nora Allen, the murdered mother of Ezra Miller’s Barry, while the studio was looking to re-cast the role of Henry after Crudup had to pull out of the project due to a planning conflict with his work on the second season of Apple The morning show, on which he won an Emmy as traveling overseas and the quarantines that followed would prevent him from doing both.

Both auditions followed Kiersey Clemons (Dope) to be confirmed that she was interested in her role as love-minded Iris West in the film and rising star Sasha Calle (The young and the restless) sign up as a Supergirl, becoming only the second actress to ever portray the character on the big screen. Clemons’ portrayal of West was originally cut from the DCEU crossover blockbuster Justice League After Zack Snyder turned directing over to Joss Whedon, the footage was restored to the recently released version Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Clemon’s official casting took place a month after rising star Sasha Calle (The young and the restless) joined the cast in the role of Supergirl, becoming only the second actress to ever portray the character on the big screen. Clemons previously portrayed West in the DC Extended Universe crossover Justice League But when Zack Snyder’s departure took over the project, her role was cut when directing was turned over to Joss Whedon. This footage has been restored to the director’s cut of the film, which is due to debut on HBO Max on March 18, while filming is due to begin on the Ezra Miller-led excursion in London in April.

Warner Bros. first revealed that their lightning The film would be inspired by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert Flash point Comic as early as 2017, even so far as to change the title of the project to Flash pointHowever, following the announcement of the 2022 release date last year, it was later switched to the current title.

While it’s not currently known exactly how the film will appeal to John’s and Kubert’s bow, it wouldn’t be the first time it has hit the big screen after the 2013 animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox as well as the third season of The CW’s eponymous series, which adapts the arc, and some speculate that WB and DC Films will use the story to fix any continuity issues across the franchise.

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Set directed by ITAndy Muschietti, the latest script, is written by Christina Hodson, which still covers the famous Flashpoint story. It has been confirmed that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck would reiterate their respective versions of Bruce Wayne / Batman for the film, although the former opened recently in an interview that is now uncertain given his busy schedule and global pandemic fears, whether he will return.

Which Ezra Miller led lightning The film is now due to be released on November 4, 2022. Miller first portrayed the scarlet speedster in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League and most recently Max’s was seen on HBO Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Shooting should begin in solo

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