Rostam has released a new song called “These Kids We Knew”. In a statement, Rostam said the song was written while “was in a feverish dream state for the second week of March last year [he] recovered from COVID-19. “Listen to the title below.

“I was thinking of three generations when I wrote this song,” said Rostam. “There is a generation of adults who do not see global warming as their problem because they believe it will not affect them. Then there is a generation younger than mine that certainly has to deal with what is happening. In the song I have a fantasy that the younger generation arrests the adults and brings them to justice on the streets of cities around the world. These are the ‘sidewalk dishes’ I sing about in the song. “

Rostam released his first solo album Half-Light in 2017. Since then he’s been working on new material with the Dirty Projectors, Maggie Rogers, Lykke Li, Ra Ra Riot and his former bandmates on Vampire Weekend. He also produced Clairo’s debut album Immunity and worked on Haim’s Women in Music Pt. III.

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