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I have never successfully figured out what to do with pressed flowers. I’m not inclined to save the petals of flowers I buy – and I have a firm belief that you can always indulge in a bouquet – but flowers from special occasions that I saved. I feel very inspired by these pressed flower bookmarks as a potential opportunity to keep those memories alive.

Whether or not you are storing old petals yourself, these pressed flower bookmarks are gorgeous. I’m not in the market for a new bookmark right now, but I’m not going to lie: I may have put one or two of these in my shopping cart because they’re too good to resist.

Sweet and beautiful pressed flower bookmarks

Choose from a range of colors for this wildflower bookmark. $ 5.

These floral bookmarks feature a fun tassel. $ 11.

I love the bright colors and how tightly these resin flower bookmarks are packed. $ 12.

Perhaps my favorite thing about these bookmarks is the art of arranging the flowers. $ 8.

This selection of pressed floral bookmarks includes petals and foil that give them a unique look. $ 10 and more.

I keep thinking of summer and outdoor reading when looking at these bright bookmarks. $ 9 and more.

I love mixing paper cut into a flower shape with the petals themselves. $ 3.

Choose a flower or a leaf for this minimalist bookmark. $ 10 and more.

I love the pressed daisy in a resin pen. $ 8.

Just one more chapter! $ 8.

If you love the vintage style bookmark then these handcrafted pressed floral bookmarks will be swooning. $ 14.

How botanical! $ 18.

These beautiful bookmarks combine old dictionary pages with pressed petals. $ 3.

Choose from your petal and leaf options and have the pressed flower bookmark personalized. $ 15 and above.

The ombre-like effect with the resin and flowers here is so appealing. $ 6 and above.

Talk about the perfect bookmarks for nature lovers. Set of 3, $ 15.