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We are happy to announce that this is the case Podcast episodes can now be scheduled for cell phones directly from Spreaker Studio – a function that was previously available via Spreaker Studio for Desktop. It only takes a few taps of your finger to schedule your podcast on the go!

The update to Spreaker Studio for mobile phones (iOS and Android) makes podcasting on the go even easier. Now, instead of opening your computer and your CMS page, you can just tap the phone app and start programming. No matter how short you are, whatever you do, you can easily create a publishing calendar for your podcast. If you have activated the automatic sharing feature, your episode will be published simultaneously on the social media platforms you have selected.

Are you ready to plan? Here is how.

To schedule podcast episodes on Android and iOS:

  1. Once you’ve decided to post your episode, there are a few social media sites to choose from to share your podcast on: Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, plus up to 20 hashtags to make it more discoverable.
  2. Select the Publish Later option.
  3. Then select the date and time you want. (Note that the time zone is based on the time zone of your cell phone.)
  4. That’s it! Your podcast will be published automatically at your selected time.

With the option of planning up to 2 years in advance, you can let your inner passion for organization run free!

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