Former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter was recently a guest at the MEGACON Convention in Orlando, where the author may slip that Marvel Studios on one Secret wars Movie.

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In terms of the industry in general, Shooter brought up a story about someone at Marvel calling him to offer $ 10,000 for Shooter to write a novel of. can write Secret wars.

“That clown called me from Marvel,” said Shooter. “He wasn’t an editor, he was a property manager, which was a little strange. He asked me if I wanted to write a novella about Secret wars. “

Shooter added that he was then sent a retrospective employment contract, which he ultimately refused. Then came another call, this time from David Bogart, Senior Vice President of Operations & Procurement of Publishing at Marvel Entertainment. Shooter says Bogart apologized for the previous call and that the retrospective offer was $ 10,000.

According to Shooter, the reason for the contract that was sent to him is that Marvel was trying to secure the rights Secret wars and to avoid possible legal problems in the future. While Shooter didn’t think Marvel had to pay him retrospectively for the characters, he took the money in the end and deduced himself that there would be a movie coming at some point.

“That means you’re making a movie, right?” Sagittarius asked. “I am not allowed to tell you that,” answered Bogart according to the shooter. Shooter followed up with, “Well, I think you just did.”

Perhaps one of the most famous and iconic stories in all of the comics, Secret wars It has long been rumored that it will be the next big movie that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would lead to. In the storyline, various Marvel heroes and villains are kidnapped by a cosmic unit called The Beyonder, where they then compete against each other on a planet called Battleworld.

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It’s obviously unclear whether the company plans to adapt the legendary plot, but should they do, it seems clear from a legal standpoint.