Grimes made a surprise appearance on the new episode of Saturday Night Live last night (May 8th). The show was hosted by Elon Musk, who played Wario in a Super Mario-themed court sketch. Dressed up as the character Princess Peach, Grimes continued the tradition of hosts being accompanied on the show by their celebrity partners (which was just happening with Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford). Check out Grimes as Princess Peach in the clip below.

The appearance marked Grimes’ SNL debut. She recently hypothesized on Twitter why she didn’t get the opportunity: “The SNL music booker came to my show once, but I literally got worried for the first ten minutes of the show, got blacked out, and played a notoriously awful set I had no memory of it and I think the booker thinks I’m the worst live act ever haha ​​but kind of a funny anecdote. “

Earlier this year, Grimes announced that she had signed with Columbia Records after releasing multiple albums on 4AD. Her last album was Miss Anthropocene from 2020. Last night’s episode featured musical guest Miley Cyrus.

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