Phoebe Bridgers sat down for an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, which aired earlier today. The 14-minute segment began with a question about pyrotechnic guitar smashing that ended their Saturday Night Live performance over the weekend. Bridgers replied, “I’ve always wanted to do it and when I mentioned it to the show they did. I built myself this whole monitor that would look like it would have exploded even if I hadn’t hit it so hard. So yeah, just one thing with a bucket list. “

Bridgers and Amanpour continue to discuss Punisher’s success, the importance of the title and her experience as women in the music industry. Towards the end of the segment, Amanpour asks Bridgers about her recent tweets on Marilyn Manson, who was dropped by his record label Loma Vista after the singer made numerous allegations of abuse this month.

“I think it’s very funny that Marilyn Manson’s label decided to release it as soon as the story was released, and people have known it for so long. I find that very annoying, ”said Bridgers. “I think it’s basically a lot of performative activism. I think people should take more responsibility internally. It doesn’t matter how many people know about it. You should deal with people like you were the FBI. But when people are making money, it’s really hard to get away from it. But I think more people should. “Check out the full clip on CNN.