Taylor Swift attended the Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight (April 13th), where she was immediately asked by Colbert if the Fearless song “Hey Stephen” was about him. “No, Stephen,” she said. This became a whole piece in which she revealed a number of intimate details that she knew about Colbert’s life and work. She also showed a mood board with photos of Colbert before claiming the song was about Stephen King. Watch it below.

After Swift’s appearance on the recently released Fearless (Taylor’s version), the show featured guest musician Lucy Dacus. She appeared on the show to make the live debut of the newly released single “Hot & Heavy”.

Fearless (Taylor’s version) is the first of six albums that Swift re-recorded after selling their master recordings from the back catalog to Scooter Braun and then to the investment firm Shamrock Holdings. Fearless was originally released in 2008. The new edition contains their folklore and more and more collaborators Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff.

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