Shabazz Palaces shared the video for their new song “20 Gear Science”. It is the first single from an upcoming collection of rarities and previously unreleased songs called The Lost Vibes Of Shabazz: The Skrilla Scrolls. The video was shot in Seattle by Stephan Gray and Isabael Butler from Shabazz Palaces. Check it out below.

Shabazz Palaces’ last three LPs – The Don of Diamond Dreams from 2020 and Quazarz from 2017: Born on a Gangster Star and Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines – were all released by Sub Pop. “20 Gear Science” is released independently, although Butler says his relationship with the Seattle label is “stronger than ever”. Last June the group released “MEGA CHURCH” (ft. Stas THEE Boss) independently on a band camp Friday.

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