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If ever a month was the month to celebrate the written word, it is April. Between celebrating poetry in all its forms and Shakespeare’s birthday, there is simply a lot to love about literature. Maybe one way to celebrate the season is by showing your love for all things Bard’s with a little loot … maybe in the form of Shakespeare stickers.

Below is a collection of fun, clever, and even funny Shakespeare stickers. You’ll want to put them on your water bottles, laptops, notebooks, and anywhere you need a little more literary love.

If stickers aren’t enough, don’t miss out on these cute Shakespeare cross stitch patterns.

Shake it up with Shakespeare stickers

Shine with this sticker “To be true to yourself”. $ 4.

It’s safe, Billy. $ 4 and above.

“Oh, poor Yorick” is one of my favorite Shakespeare lines. $ 3.

Absolutely here for this ombre instrument that declares love to music. $ 4.

A Shakespeare love quote sticker from Hamlet for the romantics out there. $ 2.50 and more.

Maybe you just need a framed picture of Shakespeare himself. $ 3.50.

Great news with a beautiful full and blooming heart. $ 3.

Ophelia talks about rosemary, fennel and daisies, and this sticker is Ophelia keeping out all of her flowers in a fun hologram style. $ 5.

Some Much Ado About Nothing Stickers. $ 3 and above.

“And although it is only small, it is wild” an even more impressive statement is made with the flowers and leaves. $ 3.25.

For all the witch vibes among us. $ 3.

For the love of Shakespurr. $ 4.

Another popular Shakespeare quote sticker, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” $ 4.