Shamir has announced his first book “But I’m a Painter”. The Mixed Media Chapbook includes essays on paintings Shamir has made since he was 21 years old. It will be out on August 27th via Bottlecap Press.

In a statement Shamir said of the book:

“I was once described as ‘cursed with talent’ by my close friend and frequent contributor, Fiona Campbell. I couldn’t have resonated with this feeling anymore. Many have described me as an “all-rounder” and I think I would too. Having multiple skills and talents in a world of sideline jobs and late-stage capitalism can be overwhelming when you’re already a full-time artist. I started painting as a child before I even picked up the guitar. Although music devoured my life, painting was always my first love. But I’m a Painter starts with being disillusioned after a rocky descent into the music industry and desperately looking for a creative outlet that didn’t feel immediately exploited. The rediscovery of my love for painting helped me to get in touch with my inner child and gave me catharsis in times when music and writing were not enough. But I’m a Painter records my pictures and the stories behind them. It’s a glimpse into the mind of an artist who scrapbooks his life with a brush. “

In March Shamir covered Sharon Van Etten’s “Dsharpg” as part of their 10th anniversary double album “Ten”. In January, he shared the video for “Diet” from his self-titled 2020 LP.

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